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Everything You Need To Know About

Sewing With Leather!


Genuine leather is one of the oldest and most luxurious of all natural materials.  Leather is the hide or skin of an animal, bird or reptile after it has been tanned or treated by a chemical process to preserve it.  Hides come from larger animals such as cattle, buffalo or elephant, and skins are from smaller animals, birds and reptiles. Leather is suitable for all seasons, for men, women, and children, and almost any pattern may be made out of leather.  

Sewing leather and suede does not require a special sewing machine if using lightweight skins, but it does require the use of special sewing techniques.  This book was written to provide a starting place and guide for the beginner, as well as to provide some helpful tips for the more advanced sewer.  Learn everything you need to know about sewing with leather and suede in this book, plus you'll receive free patterns and designs to get you started!


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